Archero Helix Complete Guide


Today we’ll be exploring Archero hero helix and conclude if he’s worth the 1500 gems. For helix, we’ll be going through the best abilities and items. Helix’s pros and cons and the best weapon all specifically for helix.

Let me preface this by saying that this is all based on my experience, research, and opinion. In the end, you may or may not agree with me. It’s up to you to decide which is the best for your personal play style and taste.

All heroes are great in their own individual way with the abilities that can be useful for different situations.

Everything You Need To Know About Helix

Helix costs 1500 gems and this means that he is also available to free-to-play players as it not having to spend real money. You can save up all the free gems you obtained from the free gem wheel, battle pass, and any gem rewards you may still have. His ability is a stronger version of rage which is a top tier ability in Archero.

For those who don’t know what rage is, rage deals more damage at low HP. This is also what Helix’s ability does except it is called fury. It has the same name as a normal ability fury which is an ability that increases your attack speed the lower your HP gets.

He has a base attack of 125 and base health of 620 and each time you level up helix you’ll gain 10 Plus attack and 43 plus health. I’m not sure if this increases at a certain level but for now, it seems to be consistent for me.

Helix has four stats that you can unlock once you reach each account level and hero level.

helix unlock stats

Helix cannot pick up the ability rage as is his special ability is fury which is a stronger version of rage. In comparison, rage increases your damage by 1% for every 1% of your health missing.

Fury increases your damage by 1.2% for every 1% of your health missing. This makes fury 20% stronger than rage. Helix ability also scales of attack boosts, multi shots, front arrow, etc. This means the damage will be based on your current damage value.

Helix’s Damage

First I’m going to help you understand how helix’s ability works. Here is a table I’ve put together. We have a health percentage, total damage percentage, and the total damage percentage as a multiplier.

%HP Total Damage % As Multiplier
100 100 1
75 130 1.3
50 160 1.6
25 190 1.9
1 218.8 2.19

So let’s say I have 400 base damage and 1,000 base health. If my current health was at 50% which is 500 health all I have to do is multiply 400 by 1.6. This equals to 640 damage at 50% health.

Some of you may be wondering but what if my health was for example 1,500? What would the damage be then?

If your current damage value was still 400, at 50% health it would still be 640 damage with 750 health (half of 1,500) instead. Remember that his damage does scale with attack boost, multi-shot, front arrow, and any other damaging boosting abilities.

Best Abilities/Items For Helix

Let’s get into the abilities and items for helix. Because helix’s fury scales with certain abilities. The best abilities for helix would be multi-shot, front arrow, crits boost, attack boost, dodge, agility, and health boost.

Why I suggest Crit?

When he reaches level 20, he gains 20% crit damage and at level 80 he gains a 5% crit chance.

Why I suggest Health Boost?

Because the damage output is based on your current damage value no matter what your max hp is.

Why I suggest Dodge master/Agility?

These increase your dodge chance. Ideally, you do not want to take damage as usual in Archero (this will make sense later).

For the best armor and rings if you’re doing chapters and not daily challenges I recommend the vests of dexterity. Pair it with two serpent rings for increased dodge chance to avoid damage.

I know you’re also thinking again, wait why do I want to avoid damage if I get more power at a lower health percentage? We’ll get to that.

The Pro’s Of Helix

In most chapters that you struggle with, you’re going to take damage. But now when you take damage you’ll have a benefit that’s dealing increased damage.

Helix’s fury scales of abilities that increase your damage in comparison to this are very nice as Urasil nd Phoren’s bonus damage will always stay the same whereas helix bonus damage can be increased.

Helix is also great for chapters your speed running or farming. Just get yourself lower at a comfortable health percentage and you will deal more damage but this must be for chapters that you don’t struggle on.

Well, originally I thought this is conditional damage and it is. However, it’s not bad when I thought about it more.

If you complete a chapter without losing any health, which means you have never activated helix a special ability Fury. Then you didn’t need the extra damage for that chapter.

This means you successfully completed it safely and if you did get hit you would have just been stronger.

The Con’s Of Helix

Obviously helix does not have any bonuses if you don’t lose any health but I don’t see this as a bad thing.

Because it can still be a con, Helix is weaker than some of the characters when he doesn’t have Fury activated at all.

The only other con I can say which is still circumstantial depending on what you’re after is that you’re playing with less health. If you’re purposely trying to stay at a certain percentage.

I just want to talk about that a bit more because I think this is very important for perspective and how you should play helix.

Just because helix’s damage gets higher the lower your health is. It doesn’t mean you should purposely lower his health. Instead, just play as normal if it happens, it happens.

But like I said if you can complete a chapter without losing any health then you did not need the extra damage for that chapter.

Best Weapon For Helix

I’ve compared helix to our current strongest free-to-play hero Phoren. If you’re not familiar with Phoren, Phoren deals high damage per second and is also pretty consistent.

I’ll only use one weapon here for comparison and that’s the epic tornado with a base attack of 1074 you can see here where the numbers are highlighted blue.

best weapon for helix

Phoren with the tornado weapon deals one 196,377 damage per minute with his special ability active.

Helix however at a 100% health did not activate his special ability so this means his damage remains the same at 148,047 damage.

This means that Phoren is 28% stronger than helix with a 480,330 damage difference per minute.

This leaves the question of what health percentage would make helix stronger than Phoren?

With a base attack of 1074 at 70% health, Helix will deal 201,344 damage per minute. And at 50% health, Helix will deal 236,875 damage per minute.

This is a crazy amount of damage and I honestly can’t believe he is free to play hero.

For other weapons, it’s also roughly around 70% in comparison to Phoren but the bow is roughly around 64% health. Meaning you’ll be at a lower health range to be stronger than Phoren when using a brave bow.

Here are the numbers for all the weapons of Helix.

All at 70% Health and Base Atk of 1,074
Tornado 201,344
Saw Blade 182,288
Death Scythe 181,718
Brave Bow 151,614

In regards to the best weapon for Helix I have to say its all the weapons. Helix is so flexible because of his fury, each weapon has its own benefit. I’ll leave an image of a small visual guide here on what each weapon does.

weapon stats

A weapon I would like to note is the brave bow. Because Helix stats are more personally crit based on increased crit damage and the chance at certain levels. This could pair up very nicely with the brave bow’s increased crit damage when the bravery is in its epic form. But do keep in mind that the bow damage overall is a lot lower.

Now that we have all the information, some of you may not be interested in helix because you may like consistency and while ideally you never want to get hit in Archero.

And that is all I have today for the helix guide. I will be making an in-depth guide for the hero system and the daily challenges in the next couple of days so stay tuned and comment below if you have any questions and suggestions.

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